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Sizing; how labels compare

October 2013

Bra shopping can be a pain, not to mention when there are hundreds of International designers; each with several bra styles that all fit differently.  Each country has different sizing too, add the task for finding a beautiful brassiere has now turned into a headache.  How do you find the perfect one?  What will look good?

We have been on the search for these answers and several lovely women volunteered their time and chest to help us explore branding, sizing, and shaping. These tricks will not be 100% useful for everyone, as each body shape is different. However hopefully our findings will help you better understand how the sizings of the labels we stock run so that you can make the right decision at checkout.

Sample Data:
- Our sample chests came in sizes small – large; natural and enhanced.
- Dress sizes ranged from AU size 6 – 14

First Rule of Thumb- UK labels generally run smaller in the cup.
Majority of our volunteers were able to stay their AU band size and simply went up in cup size. Overwhelmingly an AU D cup fit a DD cup when it came to our London labels and also the bullet bras by US label What Katie Did.

Second Rule of Thumb- French labels stayed consistent with AU sizing
Natural breasts sized A – D cup in Australian lingerie labels fit all of our French labels in exactly the same size. Balconette, plunge, push-up, t-shirt, underwire, half-cup bras were all tried on.

The Labels:
• Beautiful Bottoms (UK)- the padded bras looked great on C and D cup ladies, stayed supportive, created perfect natural cleavage. Everyone did need to go up a cup size however.

• Chantal Thomass (Paris)- a label known for fitting smaller busts suited women sized B-D just fine. Both C and D cups fit each style perfectly. The wire bra in both styles looked great on every cup size. The Indomptable bra however stood out particularly and wowed everyone. This was not only incredibly flattering, but comfortable, and a practical sexy design.

• Chantal (Paris)- fit every size comfortably and flawlessly. Found that almost everyone stayed consistent in size in this brand regardless of the style of bra. T-shirt bra was soft and comfortable across the board, stayed consistent with AU sizing.  The Padded Plunge Bra looked AMAZING on everyone. Pads helped create shape and cleavage for smaller bust. Larger bust still looked fine with the padding, which is rare for padded bras. C & D cups loved it!

• Fleur of England (UK)- Plunge bra in stock runs small. Once fitted properly, looks gorgeous and shows off cleavage. Looked exceptional on smaller breasts. When a D cup and above went up in cup (or stayed the same in cup and went up in band size) this bra looked great. Quality of these bras is exceptional, pretty sure they will last forever if looked after.

• Kiss Me Deadly (UK) – Longline bra with cups and underwire looked 500 times greater on in person. Can act as a strapless, fitted every body type like a (sexy) glove. So far, we discovered the cups to run similar to AU cups, so you probably won’t have to go up a size.

• Maison Close (Paris)- Lace underwire bra is completely shear and wowed everyone. Since it is such a sexy cut, we found larger breasts looked better when going down a cup size (that way they filled the lace out and then some). The bra still fit their standard AU size, just looked sexier with slightly smaller cups in some cases. Really depend how you want it to look as this is a boudoir bra, and not one you will wear running!

• Marlies Dekkers (Netherlands)- The balconette bra is a popular cut for larger cup women. For a great fit, everyone seemed to go up a cup size. Brand runs small. Very comfortable, fashionable, and supportive for D+ cups. We predict size E, F, G will LOVE it.

• What Katie Did (USA)- Bullet bras will not be loved by everyone. However they did look great on! B cups were even able to fill it out and create the bullet shape. Larger busts went up a size (AU D cups easily went to DD here), this helped create the bullet shape properly.

What else to keep in mind when trying on a bra:
- Be sure the band is a snug fit around the body; you should still be able to fit one to two fingers under the band with ease.
- Use your adjustable straps! These help lift the breasts; the straps should also not fall down. That is a sign your band could be too wide, or they need tightening.
- Front centre of bra should sit against your body comfortably. Underwire should not lift off the body, there should also not be a huge gap.

Happy Shopping Ladies xx